Secret Disclosure of Prime STS in Zhuhai Port

2020-05-08 14:53:04

It takes less than two minutes to finish operations from positioning in the air, spreader landing onto container and hoisting, trolley shifting back, and two 30 tonnage containers are moved from truck to containership. Sitting in a 3㎡cabin at the height of 8 floor in Zhuhai port, the driver operates the equipment briskly and stably, and moves the trolley like a graceful parabola in the air. It is one of the 4 sets of STS with hoist capacity of 65t and outreach of 65m delivered from SANY Marine Heavy Industry last year that he operates. Now they’ve become the prime STS equipment in Zhuhai port.


Stable performance and comfortable operation are the common feelings about SANY STS among STS drivers in Zhuhai port. It’s the stability and comfortability that support the high development speed of Zhuhai port. The container throughput data in 2019 reached 2.56 million Teu with a 10.7% year on year growth.


High stability: far ahead of MMBF

According to the introduction of research institute from SANY Marine, SANY STS adopts the three-dimension digital platform design to achieve parametric correlation driving design for structure and mechanism, which shortens the design cycle and makes it more reasonable by automatic model selection and virtual assembly. Thus, fault rate is decreased while product quality, stability and comfort of operation are increased. All the advantages above make the MMBF (Mean Miles between Failures) of SANY STS leads other STS equipment remarkably in Zhuhai Port, and they even had a MMBF record as the month data of 3099TEU.


High accuracy: significant increase of efficiency

Every minute counts during port operation. In order to ensure the efficiencies of positioning in the air, spreader landing onto container and hoisting and trolley shifting back, SANY STS is equipped with container truck positioning system and electric anti-sway system with a precision of ±100 millimeter, to realize quick positioning, spreader landing onto container and hoisting operation. More specifically, the trolley speed is adjusted by detecting the relative angle deviation between spreader and trolley to stop sway so that the full container can be controlled within the swing scope of ±50 mm during two swing periods. The truck positioning system can accurately locate the container trucks in each lane under the STS and make them stop precisely in the hoisting position in advance to accomplish quick lifting with a positioning accuracy deviation within ±100 mm.


Fearless of thunder: intelligent thunder protection device

The weather at ports changes fast and dark clouds follow close upon a clear sky. Intelligent thunder protection device of SANY STS comprises five elements of weather monitoring, thunder and lightning warning, real-time status monitoring of SPD, recording of intensity, time, and frequency of lighting current, warning and managing function. Detailed data helps the port make in-time judgement and adjust operation pace accordingly. Intra electronic management system also has reliable thunder protection measures to maintain safe operation of STS, such as total three levels thunder-proof and surge protection of main loop, control loop and network configuration,.


High Intelligence: remote control to resolve your aftersales concerns

In the intelligent era, SANY can realize global intelligent monitor on its STSs. Technical experts can offer remote technology support to operators and service staffs, which effectively improves troubleshooting efficiency and shortens equipment downtime. The intelligent control system can also provide functions such as statistical analysis of data, installing management, working condition monitoring and data storage, to support equipment maintenance with enough databases.


Except for strengths of quickness, stability, accuracy, safety and intelligence as mentioned above, the reason why SANY STS become the prime equipment in Zhuhai Port is SANY’s focus on details like intelligent access control system to ensure the safety of boarding staff and equipment by methods of IC card, AI face identification and so on. Quality is SANY’s foundation to survive. It is the subtle technical details that finally contributes to the big advantages in practice and becomes dedicated equipment that wins customers’ high praise.