Working Height Maximum:22.4m
Platform Height Maximum:20.7m

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Telescopic boom lift   GTBZ-20
1.Greater lift capacity: The boom is made of high strength steel plate and has sufficient strength and capacity of preventing from flexural deformation. By adoption of modern design tools such as finite element analysis and dynamic simulation, the capacity is greater. 
2.Complete safety devices:Standard four-link weighing devices; overload protection, automated detection device for platform amplitudeand height , automatic control of the boom’s movement speed and traveling speed, and weighting with high-precision, to ensure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.
3.Patented socket tow chain mechanism:The tow chain mechanism, which obtains a patent for invention, can prevent the pipes and cables from confusion or fracture due to the deflection & deformation of the boom and the excessive deflection of the cantilever tow chain mechanism, to ensure the reliable operation of the machine.
4. Traveling system :The closed running system consisting of e-proportional variable pump, hydraulic control variable motor and flow distribution valve can gain relatively high movement speed and relatively low and stable running speed. The system works efficiently and generates less heat. 
5.Driving Mode 4 × 2/4 × 4 (Optional): The four-wheel drive is powerful with great gradeability; the steering of the four-wheel drive is very flexible and has four steering modes.
7.Hydraulic System: Closed running system, speed easily to be adjusted, wide speed range; the boom’s hydraulic system adopts double valve core circuit, which enhances the safety. 
8.Emergency Drop System: It guarantees that the boom can retract and descend in case of failure of the engine and oil pump.
9.Anti-Collision Switch: It is used to prevent the working sidebar from further moving in case of collision with obstacles upward

Model GTBZ-20
Working Height Maximum 22.4m
Platform Height Maximum 20.7m
Working radius maximum 19.1m
Lift capacity(restricted) 480kg
Lift capacity(non-restricted) 340kg
Length(stowed) Ⓓ 9.59m
Width  Ⓔ 2.49m
Height(stowed) Ⓒ 2.8m
Wheel base Ⓕ 2.5m
Ground clearance-center Ⓖ 430mm
Platform measurement(m)  Ⓑ*Ⓐ 2.44*0.91m
Turning radius-inside 3.0m
Turning radius-outside 5.2m
Travel speed(stowed) 6.3km/h
Travel speed(raised ) 1.3km/h
Gradeability-stowed 30%
Solid tire  9.00-20
Swing speed 0-1/3rpm
Turntable swing  360°  Continuous
Platform levelling Automatical 
Platform rotation ±80°  
Fuel tank capacity 150L
Total weight 13000kg
voltage 24v
Drive & steering type 4*2*2
engine Cummins B3.3-C80
Rated power 60kw/2200rpm