working height maximum:10m
platform height maximum:8m

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

Battery scissor lift

1. Quiet and convenient devices: The scissors lift takes storage battery as the power source, and makes low noise and no emission when operating, so it can be used in indoor occasions such as workshops, warehouses, hotels, etc.
2.Compact Structure : Its working sidebar can be folded, which enables it go through small openings and operate in small space.
3.Large Working Face: The working table can extend on one side (power-driven) or extend on both sides (diesel-driven), which can enlarge the working face. 
4. Swing-out Tray : The trays in both sides of the chassis can be swung out, which facilitate the maintenance, inspection and replacement. 

working height maximum


platform height maximum 8m
max platform occupancy 2
lift capacity 230kg
lift capacity-extension deck 120kg
length  2.485m
width   0.82m
height(stowed) 2.335m
height(guardrail fold stowed)   1.88m
platform height minimum   1.195m
platform measurement  * 2.26*0.82m
length extension deck  0.9m
ground clearance-center 100/20mm
turning radius minimum  2.1m
travel speed(stowed) 3.2km/h
travel speed(raised ) 0.8km/h
grade-ability 25%


weight 2010kg
lift motor  24/3v/kw
maintenance-free battery  4*6/216V/Ah
charger 24/20-30V/A
max allowable slope 1.5°/ 3°