This high-tech product, combining mechanical and hydraulic systems as a whole, has so many advantages, such as good control performance, excellent micro-positioning performance, great lifting capacity and super lifting height, that it is active in various fields.

The 5-axle (3 axles driven and all axles steered) full-width special purpose chassis is manufactured by Zoomlion, providing wide vision, spacious cab and luxurious decoration.

The latest electro-hydraulic proportional directional control value with load sensing function, multiple plunger variable system pumps and open/closed variable system ensure that each executive mechanism makes full use of its work capability.

The safety devices, such as relief value, balance value, hydraulic lock and brake value, etc. in the hydraulic system, are against rupture of pipes and hoses.

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

Item Unit Value Remarks
Working performance Max. rated lifting capacity kg 150000 At 3m radius
Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m 4704 At 6m radius
Max. load moment of max. length boom boom(fully extended) kN.m 1505 At 32m radius
Max. load moment of basic boom m 13.0  
Max. lifting height of main boom m 72 These parameters do not include deflection of main boom 
and jib. The value in the brackets is the value with the 
extension installed.
Max. lifting height of jib m 87/(95)
Working speeds                              Max. hoist rope speed(Main winch) m/min 114 At the 4th  layer
Max. hoist rope speed(Auxiliary winch) m/min 74  At the 3rd  layer
Boom derricking up time s 94  
Boom extendingt time s 860  
Max. Slewing  speed r/min 1.4  
Driving parameters Max. driving  speed km/h 75  
Max. gradeability % 40  
Turning diameter m ≤20  
Min.  ground clearance mm 305  
Limits for exhaust pollutants and smoke   Conform to related standards GB3847-2005/GB17691-2005(National Stage 4)
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers L 76  
Mass Deadweight in driving condition kg 60000  
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg 59805  
Load on axles 1,2 and 3 kg 12000  
Load on axles 4 and 5 kg 12000  
Dimensions Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 15390×3000×4000  
Outrigger spread(L) m 8.43  
Outrigger spread(W) m Fully extended:7.8,       Intermediately extended:5.3  
Main boom length m 13.5 – 72  
Boom angle ° -0.5 - 82  
Jib length m 11,18.6  
Jib + extension  length m 26.6  
Offset ° 0,30