XGC12000 is a comprehensive application model developed based on xUGong crawler crane second-generation product platform, suitable for transportation infrastructure construction (subway, high-speed rail, road, bridge and culvert, trestle);  Urban construction (municipal, plant, building, stadium);  Bulk lifting and transshipment (port, wharf, shipyard, steel mill);  Installation of power equipment (wind power, thermal power);  Energy equipment installation (petroleum, chemical, coal, refining) lifting and auxiliary installation.  This product has a key hold-up, mast cranes mast since dismantling crawler, super weight tray more efficient and fast functions such as separation, since going public in 2019, has successfully served in places such as China, Vietnam, the Philippines, excellent performance and stable performance won the praise of many users, 2021 won the t-50 engineering application cases for best application.  

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

1.Max. lifting capacity   800
2.Boom length   m 42-150
3.Hoist speed m/min 135
4.Luffing speed m/min 2×55
5.Max. lifting load moment t.m 12512
6.Engine rated power kw  566
7.Max. travel speed km/h 1