Hydrostatic dozer
Engine model: Weichai WP6; CHINA STAGE II emission; 
Rated power: 105 kW/2200 rpm
Net power: 97 kW/2200 rpm
Operating weight: 13.4 t (XL) / 13.92 t (LGP)

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

DH13 is a new generation standard fully-hydraulic bulldozer. The two-circuit electronically

controlled static pressure drive system can intelligently adapt to the load variation and realize

loaded steering and pivot steering, featuring high working flexibility and efficiency and low fuel

consumption. The pilot control for the working device hydraulic system features simple and sensitive operations. The sealed shock-absorbing cab features large space, high safety and comfort, and low noise. The modular structure features low malfunction rate and easy maintenance.

It's mainly applied in the backfill of earthwork and the handling of other bulk materials and is

suitable for the operations of roads, railways, water conversancy projects, land development, and factories and mines. Thanks to small turning radius, it can achieve outstanding operation performances in the narrow sites.

PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS Operatiing     Weight (kg) 13400(XL);   13920(LGP)
Net horsepower (kw/hp) 97/130@2200
Minimum turning radius (mm) 3324
Ground pressure (kpa) 39.9(XL);   33.2/30.6(LGP)
ENGINE Model Weichai   WP6
Emission China   Stage II
Type water-cooled,   in-line, 4-cycle, direct injection and turbocharged
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×105mm×130mm
Piston displacement (L) 6.75
Rated horsepower (kw/hp/rpm) 105/141@2200
Maximum torque (N.m/r/min) 564   / 1400-1600
DIMENSIONS Length     (mm) 4924(Traction   frame)
Width (mm) 3380
Height (mm) 3047
TRAVELING PERFORMANCE Forward/Reverse     (km/h) 0~10
Gradeability (deg) 30
Clearance (mm) 365
TRANSMISSION Traveling   pump(Linde) Variable   displacement piston pump, maximum flow 105ml/r
Traveling motor(Linde) Variable   displacement piston motor, maximum flow 165ml/r
Coupling Elastic   coupling
Final driver 1   level straight gear + 1 level planetary deceleration
Brake Normally   closed brakewet friction   disc, compressed with disc spring, hydraulic separation
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Pivot   balanced beam, suspended structure of equalizer
Track gauge (mm) 1780(XL);   2000(LGP)
Shoe width (mm) 560(XL);   700/760(LGP)
Track length on ground (mm) 2640
Number of shoes (each side) 40
Pitch (mm) 190
Carrier rollers (each side) 2
Track rollers (each side) 7
TANK CAPACITY Fuel   tank capacity (L) 238
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 55
Transmission hydraulic tank capacity (L) -
Working equipmnet Blade   width (mm) 3380
Blade height (mm) 1306
Blade capacity (m³) 3.42
Ripper(Optional) Ripper   type 3-shank
Weight(kg) 1035
Max. digging depth(mm) 500