High-efficiency push factor
Engine model: Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Net power: 235 kW/320HP/2000 rpm
Operating weight: 37.2 t

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The SD32 provides a showcase for Shantui’s prowess with high-efficiency push factors. These medium-sized, but heavy-duty machines designed for earth-moving projects get the biggest, toughest jobs done quickly and efficiently. SD32 are equipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and an advanced structure, which provide reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation.
PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS Operatiing   Weight (kg) 33600
Rated horsepower (kw/hp) 257/345
Minimum turning radius (mm) 3800
Ground pressure (kpa) 81.7
ENGINE Model NTA855-C360S10
Emission China   I
Type In-line,direct   injection,water cooled,4-cycles,turbocharged
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×140×152
Piston displacement (L) 14
Horsepower/rpm (kw/rpm) 257/2000
Maximum torque (N.m/r/min) 1440/1400
DIMENSIONS Length(mm) 8650
Width(mm) 4130
Height(mm) 3760
TRAVELING PERFORMANCE Forward/Reverse(km/h) F1:0-3.6
    F2: 0-6.6
    F3: 0-11.5
    R2: 0-7.8
    R3: 0-13.5
Gradeability(deg) 30
Clearance(mm) 500
TRANSMISSION Torque   convertor  3-element, single stage, 1-phase
Gear box Planetary   gear and powershift transmission, hydraulically actuated, forced lubrication
Main drive Spiral   bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication
Steering clutch Wet   multiple disc,coned disc spring loaded, hydraulically actuated, hand   operated,interconnected with steering brake
Brake  Wet, contracting band,foot operated with   hydraulic booster
Final driver  spur gear,double reduction ,splash   lubrication
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Swing   type of sprayed beam,suspended structure of equalizer bar
Track gauge (mm) 2140
Shoe width (mm) 560
Track length on ground (mm) 3150
Number of shoes (each side) 41
Pitch (mm) 228.6
Carrier rollers (each side) 2
Track rollers (each side) 7
Working pump Gear   pump
Valve Multi-way   valve
Bore of blade lift cylinder (mm) 140
Bore of blade tilt cylinder (mm) 225
TANK CAPACITY Fuel   tank capacity (L) 640
Working hydraulic tank capacity (L) 97
WORKING EQUIPMENT Blade   width (mm) 4130
Blade height (mm) 1710
Blade capacity (m³) 10.5(Semi-U)
Max.Drop below ground of blade 1560
Lift height of blade 560
Type of ripper Single   shank/Three shanks
Maximum digging depth of ripper (mm) 1250/842
Maximum lifting height of ripper (mm) 1590