Operating weight:12500 kg 
Bucket capacity:1.9(1.9-2.5) m³ 
Rated load:3000kg 
Max.breakout force:≥73kN

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

Equipped with large torque, electrically controlled T4f engine, featuring strong power and high reliability. The low emission can meet the demand of the top-end markets in North America;
The expansion tank can provide enough expansion space and water refilling volume. Moreover, the real-time interaction between the integrated water level sensor and the engine ECU information greatly increased the reliability of cooling system and control;
The pilot system equipped with the lockup solenoid valve meeting the ISO safety design standard, which greatly improved the handling safety;
The electro-hydraulic control parking brake system is adopted, high reliability, easy to use, applied in case of emergency;
The anti-roll cab meeting the ISO requirements is provided to ensure the safety of drivers;
The intelligent power control system is provided with the main power switch in the cab, which can upgrade the comfort of operation of the complete machine. The off delay after the power of the complete machine is shut down can be realized so that the ECU can cache the data to ensure the normal operation of ECU;
The optional reverse image featuring nice view without blind area, which can improve the driving safety;

The independent cooling system of Lingong patented technology is adopted; the radiator controller can adjust the fan speed automatically according to the water temperature, the medium-cooled air inlet temperature, energy efficient;
The large diameter and large air flow fan is used to enhance the performance of the cooling system with greater cooling effect and more energy efficient;
The design of automatically leveling of the bucket and the boom lifting limit can be used to ensure that the bucket parallels to the ground while being placed on the ground so as to minimize the movement of the operation handle and to improve the operation efficiency;

The adjustable steering wheel can be used to adjust the angle at any time as required by the operator to increase the driving comfort;
Equipped with the air conditioning of high performance;
Equipped with the highly comfortable seats with damping shock absorber that can be adjusted in six directions in accordance with the human engineering design to effectively reduce the fatigue strength, together with the humanized designs such as the cup holder and the storage box, etc.;
Acoustic absorbing materials applied on the inner side of the hood to effectively reduce the noise;

The air strainer is placed externally which can enhance the convenience of cleaning and replacement while purifying the air;
Equipped with extra large engine hood with large opening angle of the side door to facilitate maintenance.

Operating weight Bucket capacity Rated load Max.breakout force Max.dumping height Dumping distance
12500 kg 1.9(1.9-2.5) m³ 3000kg ≥73kN 2795 mm 1150mm
Length×Width×Height Max.tractive force Total time Steering angel Tipping load Rated power
7420×2616×3360 mm ≥90kN ≤9.39 s 37° ≥64 KN 115 kW