Max. Push&Pull Speed:36 m/min
Max. Torque:4500 N·m

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

1.The machine is equipped with Cummins engine, with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise, and strong ability in construction.
2. Push & pull and rotation adopt manual handle, which is simple and quick to control.
3. Humanized-design worktable can rotate within 60°, with a wider view range, and high-quality seat that can be moved forward /backward is comfortable for operator.
4. Europe-American style surface, streamline sculpt, and elegant appearance, fully embody humanist designing idea. And it can be opened overall for flexible operation and daily convenient maintenance.
5. Small size and lightness is better for construction in city center, transferring and drilling in different kinds of working condition.
6. It is equipped with Vermeer type drill rod (Φ50 or Φ60×3000), with high quality, high reliability and superior performance.
7. Main assembly parts adopt components from international first-class hydraulic components manufacturer, which can greatly improve the performance of products reliability.
8.The rack and pinion push & pull system is adopted for the rig, so our machine is with high efficiency, low failure and stable working condition.
9. Optional auto loading, auto anchor, auto thread oil machine etc., can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce working intensity
整机质量 Rig Weight 4750 kg 外形尺寸 Dimension(L*W*H) 5465*1670*2040(mm)
最大推拉力 Max. Push&Pull Force 135 kN 最大扭矩 Max. Torque 4500 N·m
最高推拉速度 Max. Push&Pull Speed 36 m/min 最高回转速度 Max. Rotation Speed 193 r/min
发动机功率 Engine Power 93 kW 泥浆泵最大流量 Max. Mud Pump Flow 200 L/min
履带行走速度 Caterpillar Walking Speed 2.5-4.5(km/h) 泥浆泵最大压力 Max. Mud Pump Pressure 8 Mpa
入土角度 Entry Drill Angle 12°-22° 最大爬坡度 Max. Climbing Gradient 16°
最大回扩孔径 Max. Aperture Diameter ø750mm(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended) 最大施工距离 Max. Crossing length 200m(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended)