Max. Push&Pull Speed:45 m/min
Max. Torque:8100 N·m

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

1、  Power head push-pull reinforcement is reserved;

2、  Power head rotation speed two stall to adjust(high speed, low speed), push-pull speed three stall to adjust(high speed, middle speed, low speed);

3、  Track wire control walk, speed two gears to adjust(high speed, low speed);

  4、  Equipped with mud pump (250L/min);

  5、  With rain shed and wider range of variable angle for operation cab;

  6、  The cover shell adopts overall backflip and air-spring assisted opening mechanism.,with water gun;

  7、  Pilot control, sensitive operation of the light;

8、  Permanent magnetic auto-loading;

9、  Auto anchor(optional), auto thread machine(optional).

整机质量 Rig Weight 9000 kg 外形尺寸 Dimension(L*W*H) 6950*2160*2400(mm)
最大推拉力 Max. Push&Pull Force 260/330 kN 最大扭矩 Max. Torque 8100 N·m
最高推拉速度 Max. Push&Pull Speed 45 m/min 最高回转速度 Max. Rotation Speed 190 r/min
发动机功率 Engine Power 110 kW 泥浆泵最大流量 Max. Mud Pump Flow 250 L/min
履带行走速度 Caterpillar Walking Speed 2.5-4.0(km/h) 泥浆泵最大压力 Max. Mud Pump Pressure 8 Mpa
入土角度 Entry Drill Angle 12°-22° 最大爬坡度 Max. Climbing Gradient 17°
最大回扩孔径 Max. Aperture Diameter ø1000mm(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended) 最大施工距离 Max. Crossing length 300m(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended)