• Moving Type:crawler
  • Max.thrust-pull force:3000kN
  • Max. thrust-pull speed:25m/min
  • Max. spindle speed:76r/min
  • Max. inclination angle:16
  • Max. torque:110000N •m

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

XZ3000 Horizontal Directional Drill

1、Equipped with closed energy-saving circuit, load sensing control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced technology, Using the internationalfamous brand components,reliable quality.
2、Rack and pinion sliding, ensure the stability and drive operational reliability of the Rotation box.Rotation box floatingcan greatly protectthe drill pipe threads,improvingtheservice lifeof drill pipe.
3、Independentcontrol room,configuration of theheating and air conditioning. Instrumentand operating handlelayout.
4、Dual power system. Any engine start can complete all the action of the vehicle. Cummins Engine, powerful, ample power reserves to meet drill construction in different working conditions.
5、Full floating vise, shackles torque, clamping and reliable.
6、Drillrotation and push and pull all adopt digital pressuread justment technology. Convenient adjustmentand reliable and can be preset.
Description Unit Parameter value
Engine Manufacturers   Cummins
Model   NTA-855
Rated Power kW /(r/min) 2×298/2100
Thrust-Pull Max thrust-pull force kN 3000
Max thrust-pull speed m/min 25
Rotation Torque N·m 110000
Max spindle speed r/min 76
Loader Crance Max. Lifting weight t 3.2
Loading capacity t·m 6.4
Max inclination angle ° 16
Travel driving Type   Steel crawler self-propelled
Traveling speed Km/h 1.5
Pipe Diameter × Length mm×mm Φ140×9600
Weight kg 55000