Overall working weight:15300kg 
Min. turning radius:7.6 m 
Max. tractive force (f=0.9):78 kN

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

As a product of high speed, high efficiency, high accuracy and multiple purposes, G9180 is developed by SDLG on the basis of absorbing advanced technology of European, can be used for ground leveling and grooving,scraping slope, bulldozing, ploughing snow, loosening, compacting, material arrangement and mixing works, and is widely applied in construction operating condition of road, airport, defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement and so on.
1、The perfect combination of Weichai engine and Advance 6WG180 gearbox helps realize best capability and fuel efficiency. This product adopts high pressure gear pump and imported multiway valve and double pump and two circuit hydraulic system, and the system pressure of whole machine can reach 21Mpa (Competitors are only 18Mpa), thus improving the operating efficiency.
2、I t is applied with European advanced  technology and equipped with the dual cylinder-driven pallet-type working device,helping to realize large driving force and high reliability. The blade can rotate with load and provide precise operation which is domestic industrial originated.
3、Swing frame is made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free composite bearing, with small frictional coefficient, high reliability and is shock-proof and water-proof; Hydraulic lock cylinder location is adopted and is easy to operate.
4、This standard cab is fully sealed and safe and reliable. With wide visual field, operators can see the front wheel and the blade clearly thus to improve the operating precision.
5、Electrical system of the entire machine has centralized control, three-stage alarm electronic monitoring system, digitalized stepping instrument display, high man-machine interaction and is convenient for detection and maintenance.
6、Front wheel can tilt 18 ° which reduce the turning radius and improve operating flexibility of whole machine. When working on a slope, the front wheel will tilt to increase adhesion and improve stability for the whole machine. In addition, the tilting front wheel will offset side force from materials to the blade and prevent front wheel from sideslip.
Overall working weight Min. turning radius Max. tractive force (f=0.9) Max. speed(forward/reverse) Cutter size  LxWxH
15300kg 7.6 m 78 kN 38/23.6 km/h 3962×635×25 mm 8975×2710×3240 mm