• Rolling compaction width:2360mm
  • Ground pressure:200-545kPa
  • Gradeability:30%
  • Travel speed:0-8/0-16km/h

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

XCMG new generation XP “5” series pneumatic tire roller is efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable. This machine model uses hydraulic transmission based on electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, and international advanced dual reducer drive, which results in stronger climbing ability and higher operating efficiency. XCMG pioneered smart-drive intelligent driving system allows the automatic match of the most energy-saving driving mode, with 25% reduction in comprehensive fuel consumption. The fully new man-machine control environment with sliding rotary seat and electric control box provides convenient and comfortable operation experience. Full view cab has pleasing appearance, wide visibility and driving safety; Automatic tire inflation, deflation and air pressure monitoring system is adopted to adjust the air pressure of tires at any time according to the construction requirements. One-button operation is convenient and reliable. Automatic control of fan speed reduces the noise emission from the source; The maintenance-free bearings in the front and rear drum are reliable and durable. Electronic controlled large engine hood realizes one-stop maintenance; New international appearance, high end and modern.
Item Unit Parameter
Maximum operating mass kg 30300
Rolling compaction width mm 2360
Ground pressure kPa 200-545
Gradeability   30%
Travel speed km/h 0-8/0-16