Garbage compactor-Japanese version-ZLJ5081ZYSJXE5

Overall dimensions (L×W×H):6603,6995×2005×2535mm 
Chassis brand:JMC (China-V)
Chassis power:112kW

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

● High adaptability: The multiple loading mechanisms cover the domestic mainstream waste collection modes. The waste bin tilting type loading mechanism is applicable for up to “240mm" waste bin hooking height to completely cover the territorial differences of waste bins. Two hydraulic system configurations, namely economic home-made manifold valve configuration and high-end imported multi-way valve configuration, can meet the customers' diversified needs. 

● High corrosion resistance: The high quality corrosion/weather resistant steel 09CuPCrNi-A is applied for the steel plates of the critical parts in direct contact with the wastes, including waste tank and pre-compactor, to ensure high corrosion resistance, long life, and especial suitability for corrosive working environments. 

● High environmental-friendliness: The hydraulic system is optimized to adjust the working speed of engine, maintain low working noise of vehicle, and reduce the noise pollution. At the junction surface between pre-compactor and waste tank, the labyrinth multi-layer sealing is applied to eliminate the sewage leakage and reduce the environment pollution. The waste tank is designed in “full-enclosed” structure to reduce the odor pollution. 

● Advanced control technology: Breaking through the traditional I/O+PLC control mode of garbage compactors in the market, this product is applied with the industry’s most advanced “CAN bus + special controller mode”, featuring high automation level, low malfunction rate, and more convenient operations and maintenances. 

● Ferrule type hydraulic pipelines: The ferrule type hydraulic pipelines applied feature beautiful modeling and good repeated disassembling/assembling performance and, compared with common welded pipelines, can reduce the influence of impurities on the hydraulic system.

  • Sewage tank capacity 310L
  • Loading cycle time ≤10s
  • Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 6603,6995×2005×2535mm
  • Engine power 112kW
  • Waste tank effective capacity 6.4m³
  • Maximum gross mass 8200kg
  • PTO operating mode Manual
  • Control mode Automatic
  • Chassis brand JMC (China-V)
  • Dumping cycle time ≤45s
  • Compacting cycle time ≤12s