• Chassis model:XGA1083BEVXAX
  • Maximum Total Weight:8280
  • Curb weight:6030
  • Rated Payload:2055
  • Overall Dimension:6900×2100×2400
  • Quantity of electric charge:118.3

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

Environmental guardian X1 electric compressed garbage truck, matching XCMG electric chassis, is used to collect urban solid waste and other compressible waste with zero emission, no pollution and low noise.  The whole vehicle is fully sealed.  All sewage is discharged into the sewage tank in the process of garbage dumping and compressing, which throughly solve the promblem of second poluution.  To achieve energy sace, the motor could execute start and stop action according to the working condition, also the motor controller could adapt torque depending on wokload demand.
Item Parameter
Vehicle Model XZJ5081ZYSXBEV
Chassis model XGA1083BEVXAX
Maximum Total Weight 8280
Curb weight 6030
Rated Payload 2055
Overall Dimension 6900×2100×2400
Quantity of electric charge 118.3
Wheelbase 3360
Comperssion time 14
Unload Garbage Time 42
Loaded Circulation Time 10
Operating+Driving ≥6