Kitchen waste collection vehicle ZLJ5100TCAQLE5
Chassis brand:Qingling (China-V)

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

● The arc modeling is applied for tank body and rear gate to realize high beauty and elegance of the vehicle. The main structural parts, including tank body, rear gate, water tank, and auger conveyor, are made of stainless steel 304 to guarantee high standard and quality of product. 

● The waste tank can realize the preliminary separation of solid and liquid kitchen wastes within the tank and a high capacity sewage tank is installed to improve loading capacity of the product.  

● The special enhanced silicon rubber sealing strips are applied for the waste tank and rear gate to realize excellent sealing performance and eliminate the secondary pollution.  

● The electronic control system adopts three working modes and working motion logic interlock to guarantee the operating accuracy and eliminate maloperations.  

● The engine power output is full-automatically controlled to reduce the power consumption and improve the product economy.  

● The variable speed electro-hydraulic control proportional valve is applied so that the working process can be automatically accelerated. Meanwhile, the upper cover plate is independently controlled to remarkably improve the product working efficiency.  

● The high-pressure low-flow cleaning system driven by hydraulic motor is installed to clean the vehicle and working device.  

● The critical electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products to guarantee product reliability.  

● The working lamp is installed to guarantee the all-weather working safety.  

● The optional “auger” and “squeezing” dumping methods are available and the “weighing” system and the “heating” system can be additionally installed depending on the customer’s needs. 

  • Clean water capacity 0.3m³
  • Dumping cycle time ≤240s (Sealed dumping)/80s (Squeezed dumping) s
  • Sewage tank capacity 0.5m³
  • Waste tank capacity 6m³
  • Waste bin loading cycle time ≤45s
  • Control mode Automatic/manual
  • Chassis brand Qingling (China-V)