• Moving Type:wheel
  • Total Weight:2800 kg
  • Curb Weight:1800 kg
  • Max.Sweeping Width:2200 mm
  • Sweeping Speed:3~10 km/h
  • Max.Sweeping Capacity:22000 m²/h

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

SJDS1000A Road Sweeper
1. A novel and fashionable appearance: The bee-shape philosophy is integrated upon the corporation with the Research Institute for industrial design. It is close to the nature, giving a good annotation to the sanitation worker’s value and the philosophy of environmental protection.
2. A simple one-key operating system: It is simple and easy to learn. It can be operated by ordinary sanitation workers.
3. An advanced battery management system: Monitor the status of every battery in real time; help the driver to accurately master the working time, give better protection to the battery pack, and make it more convenient for battery maintenance.
4. Convenient wireless operation and control: Tip-over and resetting of the dustbin and opening/closing of the dustbin door can be wireless controlled. It is safe and sanitary.
5. An advanced and efficient dusting method: The pulse dusting method is adopted, with high dusting efficiency.
6. Extensive auxiliary functions: Humanization design of radio and tape player, air conditioner, phone charger and reversing camera
7. A liquid crystal display is provided for all-round display of the street sweeper information.
8. Swinging and lifting of the sweeper is operated with an operating handle. It is simple and intuitive.

Overall Dimension


Total Weight


Curb Weight


Max.Sweeping Width


Sweeping Speed


Max.Sweeping Capacity


Max.Discharging Angle


Max.Inhaled Particles


Stainless Steel Dustbin Volume

1 m³

Stainless Steel Water Tank Volume

200 L

Battery Model

Lithium iron phosphate power battery CA400FI

Charge Time


Battery Capacity


Continuous Working Hours


Driving Motor Model

176ZD502H12F(5.5KW/48V )

Dust Removal Method

Spray dust removal+Pulse dust removal