• Moving Type:wheel
  • Chassis Model:QL1070A5HAY (State V)
  • Chassis Power:96 kw
  • Chassis engine model:4KH1CN5HS
  • Wheelbase:3360 mm
  • Total Mass:7300 kg

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XZJ5071TSLQ5Road Sweeper
1Beautiful and practical model of tank
On the premise of meeting relevant use and strengthrequirements, it is integrally made of SUS304 single-layer stainless steel. Itis simple and practical, with good usability. Moreover, the dustbin isintegrated with the fresh water tank, increasing the water volume and making itconvenient for batch production and processing. At the same time, the liftingangle is increased for the dustbin, making it convenient for garbage dumping. Adismountable structure is adopted for the sucker in the tank. After it is worn,the sucker can be conveniently replaced.
2Sweepingmechanism under self-adaptive control
The mode of spring adjustment is adopted for the groundpressure of side sweeper system. In the working process, the ground pressure ofthe sweeper can be adjusted at any time according to the pavement condition, soas to reduce wear of the sweeper. In order to reduce wear of the sweeper, themode of spring adjustment is adopted for the ground pressure of side sweepersystem. Its ground pressure can be adjusted at any time during workingaccording to the pavement condition. In order to solve the issue of sweepingplate obstacle, one end of the oil cylinder support is connected via shackle,making the oil cylinder under a floating state. When the sweeping plateencounters an obstacle, the function of automatic avoidance can be realized.
3Efficientair duct system
The air duct system serves as the basis for the pneumatictransmission system of the cleaning sweeper truck. It includes the followingthree parts: suction nozzle, tank pipeline and fan, which decides the garbagesuction force, airflow loss and system power. At the same time, it is also akey design part of the sweeping machine.
(1)Efficientsucking disc
A total floating suction nozzle structure of narrow suctionnozzle + single large air duct is adopted for this machine. A roll sweepingdevice is added to the rear end of the suction nozzle, which is driven bymotor, effectively improving the sweeping efficiency and speed. During working,the motor speed is adjustable, or the motor may not work, so as to adapt todifferent pavement conditions.
(2)Efficientcentrifugal fan
The independently researched and developed centrifugal fanis adopted, with the maximum blast capacity of 12,000m3/h. The fanhas large total pressure and high efficiency. Its blade is made of specialsteel. The special shape of its blade is extremely uneasy to wear.
4Reliableand effective dust falling system
The stainless-steel water spraying frame of sweeping plateis equipped with a low-pressure fan-shaped nozzle, in order to suppress thedust raised by the sweeper. Furthermore, a dust reduction spray pipe is alsoinstalled at the suction nozzle. A self-made large-diameter nozzle isinstalled, so as to suppress the dust raised when the sweeping plate absorbsgarbage. Wenzhou Hanxing centrifugal water pump shall be selected as the waterspray pump, which is provided with an electromagnetic clutch. At the same time,a water torch is provided as well, making it convenient for integral cleaning,maintenance and high-pressure washing at the fixed point.
5ConvenientPTO port
CommonsQSB5.9-C160-30 is adopted for the auxiliary engine. The hydraulic pump isdirectly driven by the auxiliary engine through the side force taking port (PTOport), which improves the transmission efficiency, reduces the transition ofsupporting seat, saves oil consumption, lowers the user costs, and effectivelylowers the failure rate.
6Poweroutput system
Theoutput protection device of clutch for vehicle + air cylinder control isadopted for the auxiliary engine of sweeping machine, which guarantees no-loadstarting and no-load shutdown of the auxiliary engine, solves the issue oflarge output impact of the engine, and gives better protection to the engine,fan and high-pressure water pump.
7Intelligent control system
(1)Integratedcontrol mode
The mode of relay control is adopted. The control circuit issimplified. Many logic protection functions can be realized. Most elements areforeign brands, with a low failure rate. It is fast and convenient forreplacement. Moreover, the maintenance difficulty is also reduced.
(2)Multiplesafety protection
A variety of protection devices are provided, includingvoice alarm protection, voice avoidance reminder, voice fault alarm, freshwater tank low level, dustbin high level, hydraulic oil tank low level, dustbinrear door non-opening and non-laid-down safety support.
8Safe andreliable hydraulic system
Dual-power hydraulic element system is adopted, which isdriven by the chassis and the auxiliary engine. The chassis and the auxiliaryengine can be used for unloading and lifting of suction nozzle and sweepingplate. In the process of unloading, it only needs to start the chassis engine.It is unnecessary to start the auxiliary engine. Thus, it reduces the start-uptime of auxiliary engine, lengthens the engine service life, and saves fuel oilas well.
A hydraulic system with three independent valve blocks isadopted, free from mutual inference and convenient for maintenance.
9A kind ofmixed-material highly wear-proof sweeping technology
The brushing formula with good frictional wear performancewas independently designed and developed by adjusting the proportion of PP& PE raw material, inorganic filler and their auxiliaries. Meanwhile, theperformance of various test recipes was detected. On this basis, the nylonmatrix brush exclusive for XCMG was researched. The service life is improved by2 times.




Chassis parameters

Chassis Model

QL1070A5HAY (State V)

Chassis engine model






Donkey engine


JMC JX493ZG3 (State III)



Vehicle parameters

Max. total weight


L x W x H


Curb weight


Garbage parameters

Garbage volume

5 m³

Water tank volume

1.3 m³

Max. lifting angle


Suction nozzle

Suction diameter


Ground clearance during working


Working Performance

Sweeping width


Sweeping speed


Max. sweeping capacity


Max. inhaled particles


Sweeping and washing diameter


Driving performance

Max. driving speed


Max. climbing angle


Brake distance (full loading 30km/h)


Min. turning diameter



Wheel track

Front wheel


Rear wheel


Approach angle


Departure angle


Min. ground clearance


Hydraulic System

Overflow pressure


Hydraulic oil volume


Electric System

Voltage of trailer chassis system


Voltage of working units