Side Loader 3.0-6.0t

Load capacity:3.0-6.0t

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

The new side loader with load capacity from 3.0-6.0t is specially developed to meet special marketing demanding. It’s very suitable to load/unload long dimension loads.


The environment friendly PERKINS engine meetS related exhaust emissions regulations. And the Chinese engines are also available for customers’ choice. The noise level also comes up to EU standards.


Spacious operator cabin with very low vibration and noise, as well as clean air, are enjoyed by operators. Slide opened door is very suitable for that side loader. Both the chassis and the forks can be tilted to provide the easy operation for operator.


The side loader has many patents concerning the cabin, dash-panel, parking brake, and brake system.


Along with the kind of engineering that promises unsurpassed performance and productivity in all applications, Hangcha side loaders are designed with many features that facilitate maintenance and servicing.