90 t Rough Terrain Crane
Max Lifting Capacity:90 t
Max Boom Length: 47m
Overall Weight:55000kg

Packaging & Delivery

Wooden box

7-30 Days

Excellent and stable chassis

ISDe285 30 engine, with multi-mode power output function, has the decreased additional power consumption and improved energy efficiency.  Real-time 4×4 drive; maximum speed: 35km/h, maximum gradeability: 75%; excellent power.4 steering modes; minimum turning diameter: 7.5m, minimum ground clearance: 530mm; excellent performance.

Super long, strong and sensitive lifting performance

Length of fully-extended boom: 47m; truss + box-type extended jib: 17.5m; leading the industry. Five-section U-shaped boom and double-cylinder rope-arranging telescopic mechanism are stable and efficient. Mounting angle of jib is able to achieve the conversion of 0°, 15° and 30°, enhancing the far-away lifting efficiency.

Efficient, stable, energy-saving and adjustable hydraulic system

Load feedback, constant-power control piston pump and electric proportional control multi-valve system ensure the control precision and energy efficiency. The dual-pump converging/dividing technology achieves the composite brake cylinder, ensuring the smooth operation and efficient inching.

Stable, advanced and smart electronic control system

Self-developed SYMC controller and CAN bus technology keep the signal stable; the all-round smart protection torque limiter is arranged, with the accuracy from 0 to 5%; comprehensive logic and interlock control ensures the safe and reliable operation.

User-friendly design

Operator's room is 0° ~ 20° tiltable to ease the fatigue during the high-altitude lifting operation; Hard and spacious ladder, and barrier-free countertop.